Access potential app build work by getting certified.

We have a number of certification vouchers (AUD$150) available to any one successful completing the certification.

It should take no longer than 4 hours to achieve build certification.

It is based on the learn mydigitalstructure Quick Start guide.

Certification Tracking Template

Key Build Skills

Validating that you have a working understanding of:

  • Creating spaces & managing users
  • Setting up user roles
  • Creating the UI for an app
  • Creating functionality using controllers (own and util)
  • Working with the data object structure
  • Adding own structures
  • Testing
  • Going live

Certification Tasks

To verify your learning & knowledge you will need to compelete the following tasks.

Based on build quick guide...


Item Description
Guide Using build guide @
Design Either the organisation design sheet you have just created above or if just doing the build certification using the example sheet @
Space A space set up as part of the learning quick start create the UI .
Webapp URL Get your webapp URL. eg

Build Tasks

Task Details
Project Plan Using the example planning sheet @ map out your user roles (tabs) and processes. Just make an estimate of the hours and skill type for the controller work.
View Creation Using the quick start app you created using the quick guide @ create a side menu (layout.html) based on the key processes and for each user role.
Controller Creation Using the building guide create the controllers - in name only.
Security Using set up user roles.


As a certificate applicant will be provided with access to at no cost.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us @

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